Together for change

Together for CHANGE is a project coordinated by JRS Europe and implemented in 8 countries: Belgium, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Portugal. The goal of the project is to foster student’s civic engagement to promote critical thinking skills and migrants’ integration by encouraging students to take actions together with young migrants to participate in schools and community initiatives.

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The three components of CHANGE

CHANGE, through a defined 6‚Äďstage educational course, aims to encourage students to think critically on the subject of refugees and migration, to distinguish facts from opinions, and to recognise prejudices and stereotypes. In this way, students will be able to make their own, well-founded judgments. By giving students meaningful knowledge, experiences, encounters, and new perspectives, CHANGE seeks to form young people who are ready to face and embody their role in building a society in which everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to participate.

Critical thinking

Through a carefully crafted educational course, Together for CHANGE aims to encourage students to think critically on human migration. It aims to help students to distinguish facts from opinions, and to recognise prejudices, propaganda and stereotypes and actively fight against them. In this way, students will be able to make their own, well-founded judgments.


Together for CHANGE continues the tradition of the CHANGE methodology of focusing on the encounter as a catalyzer of opinion change by providing opportunities that foster human connection between the students, migrants and the local population. By creating a space in the classroom where refugees can share their stories directly, as well as hopes and dreams we foster understanding and empathy.


In Together for CHANGE, the latest version of the CHANGE programmes family, we have focused on increasing the participation of both refugees and students. On the one hand, refugees and migrants are now participating in the creation of the whole programme. On the other hand, students are encouraged to take concrete action together with young migrants in school and community initiatives. 

Self-awareness and self-esteem
Changing perspectives
Critical information
Critical information
Changing perspectives
Critical information



Together all have a role to play in CHANGE.

CHANGE provides a platform for refugees to share their stories directly with students, enabling refugees to speak in classrooms, and to share their experience of living in Europe, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. Through this platform, CHANGE will provide a opportunity for encounter between refugees and young people, with the goal to foster a sense of understanding and connection.

Another component of CHANGE is the Student Ambassador programme, which encourages students to get more involved and to engage in a minimum of two concrete actions, such as small-scale events, campaigns or service projects, to share what they have learned with their school or local communities. Students then communicate these experiences across social media using the hashtag #IamCHANGE.

Together ‚Äď students, teachers and refugees ‚Ästall have a role to play in CHANGE. Learning, teaching and sharing experiences during moments of encounter facilitate the changing of perspectives and contribute towards the creation of the society that we want to live in.

Are you driven by the desire to create a positive impact in your community?

Do you recognize the transformative potential of cultural exchange and solidarity?

our training programme offers a comprehensive training to provide participants with Migration background with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to initiate meaningful change, both locally and globally.

TOGETHER FOR Change Partners

JRS Europe, together with nine national partners, is committed to making CHANGE happen. The Together for CHANGE project is coordinated by JRS Europe and partnered with JRS Belgium (Belgium); Fundaci√≥n Alboan (Spain), JRS Hellas (Greece)J√©zus T√°rsas√°ga Magyarorsz√°gi Rendtartom√°nya (Hungary); Isusovacka Sluzba Za IzBjeglice (Croatia), Associazione Popoli Insieme (Italy); UNIRE APS (Italy); Humanitarna Organizacija Jesuit Refugee Service (Serbia), JRS Portugal – Servicio Jesuita aos Refugiados (Portugal) and Unire APS (Belgium).

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Jézus Társasága Magyarországi Rendtartománya
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