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JRS Europe believes education is crucial to fostering inclusive and welcoming societies. To this end, we promote critical thinking skills among young people on the positive contribution of forced migrants and refugees to society through a combination of a fact-based course and storytelling.

Our approach to education


Learning is an active process of self-education: meaningful knowledge cannot just be gained passively. This self-education process requires support, accompaniment and guidance from other people such as teachers

critical thinking

To develop critical thinking, it is important to become aware of one’s own experiences, attitudes and values. We also propose activities which encourage students to research and process information critically; notably by distinguishing between facts and opinions, and recognising prejudices and hate speech.

The importance of the encounter

Education is about opening one’s mind. This is possible by focusing on empathy and putting oneself in the position of other people, such as refugees and migrants. To this end, we promote meaningful encounters between students and refugees and migrants, to encourage a shift of attitudes and perspectives


Our awareness-raising projects intentionally involve refugees and migrants. It is key to bring their voices to the forefront to inform youth of refugee and migrants’ rights, to share about their current situations and experiences as well as their hopes for the future.


We believe that education can shape our youth to be aware of themselves, their local communities and the world in which they live. A step further is to encourage youth to be more committed and involved: by undertaking action which seeks to strengthen social justice and inclusive societies.

Forming viewpoints

An important component of education is that students are able to form and discuss their viewpoints and well-founded judgements on the topics of migration and refugees. To do this, being open to different perspectives and acquiring the ability to reflect on ethical principles are key.

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