Project U-change

Understanding Change (U-CHANGE) is a project coordinated by JRS Europe that researches how students’ perception of migration evolved through the CHANGE education project. While CHANGE education project focuses on in-school work and awareness raising on critical thinking, U-CHANGE researches the findings from the evaluation of that work. The goal of the project is to develop an innovative methodology to promote critical thinking among young people and facilitate civic engagement with the goal of social inclusion.



The U-Change Research Methodology

Working with the CHANGE school networks and a research institute, U-CHANGE will assess the data of 3,000 students from 9 European countries.

Multivariant statistical analysis, comparing different variables to findings, will allow to assess how students’ critical thinking performance has been influenced.

Based on this research, JRS Europe will publish a report to be widely disseminated among education stakeholders, schools, and civil organisations, and will organise events and tutorials.

For teachers across Europe. Thanks to the involvement of 680 educators and awareness raising campaigns online, the research will reach 20,000 to 35,000 people in a variety of European countries. The end goal is to promote good citizenship, in line with UN Global Education Sustainable Development Goal 4.

You can teach or learn for the change,

you can teach or learn for change!

U-Change Partners

U-CHANGE is led by JRS-Europe and partnered with Collège St. Michel and CEBECO (Belgium); Institute for Studies on Migration  of University of Comillas, Fundacion Entreculturas and Fundacion Alboan (Spain); Popoli Insieme (Italy) and JRS Hungary

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