TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION: keys to promote critical thinking, empathy and participation in students

On March 21, coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, from Alboan we carried out the online training session “Transformative education: keys to promote critical thinking, empathy and participation in students”.

The key elements we presented are the result of extensive research carried out by the University of Comillas within the framework of the European project U-CHANGE. In addition to presenting the main lessons and recommendations identified in the study, in the session we heard the experience and opinions of students and teachers of the Colegio Sagrado Coraz├│n de Pamplona, mainly the service-learning experience “Pamplona Ciudad Abierta”; and teachers from the Jesuitak Donostia School and their inter-subject proposal to address the issue of migration and refuge, both projects related to Change. What was shared by the assistant teachers was also enriching, particularly the importance of the proposals being able to adapt to the context of different classrooms and centers. From Alboan we presented what we have learned in the framework of the U-Change project as key elements to dismantle prejudices, organize meaningful meetings with refugees and/or migrants and accompany student participation processes.