All I wish is that racism never existed.

When I was hearing the story of the refugee, I felt bad, and I didn’t know what to ask or say. The reason I was speechless was because so much happened to her that I didn’t know what to say. When the refugee started talking, I immersed myself into her story. I imagined that I was in her situation, being abused, homeless and most of all unfortunate. She was unfortunate for the way she was treated and what she had to experience and see. I never thought that such people can experience the worst life can offer. Everyone deserves to have a good experience in life. But she didn’t. She didn’t because she was black and being a woman. Even though she is black and a woman she still deserves to be treated equally and fairly. But life gave her a second chance. She managed to reach a safer environment in Malta where she could live peacefully and most of all safer. Even though she would still be discriminated against her race or gender, now she can voice her opinion and make her rights heard. After this session, all I wish is that racism never existed,and sexism never existed too. Most of all, I really wish that no one goes through the pain and suffering she went through.