If I could do it, so could you

When Ghazal came into our class to speak about being an immigrant, it moved me. She talked about a war in Syria that was happening only a kilometre away from her home. She came to Ireland when she was 18, so to continue with her education, she needed to complete Sixth Year. She talked about the struggles she faced trying to get into a school, and how she wanted to get a good grade in her Leaving Cet.


Ghazal also spoke about her best and worst times moving to and living in Ireland. She had made new friends and lost other friends. At the end of her story, she told us she got the opportunity to work and complete her Leaving Cert in our school, and she got really good results.


Her story made me think about if I was in her situation and saw what she saw, how would I feel about it and be strong. Her story really moved me. At the send, she said “if I could do it, so could you.” I love how she expressed that, and I think it boosted some people’s confidence too.