Everyone deserves an equal shot at a better life

And Irish student voices their thoughts after an encounter with a refugee:


Learning about Filimon has not really impacted me, because I have family in the Third World and I know how important coming to Europe or emigrating in search of a better life is to people. I just think it is sad that people are in such bad situations and that they are under so much pressured to leave their countries that they travel in weak, unstable boats or dinghies to travel across the Mediterranean Sea to enter Europe. These boats are filled with many people, way more than its capacity to carry and results in people falling overboard and dying in transit.  This is horrible, and should not have to happen to anyone.


People living in the Third World and war-torn countries look at us living here in the First World, wishing they could be us, but some of us do not value the fact that we are privileged enough to be here, living that sort of live that we are. We should help asylum seekers, and allow then into our countries. Everyone deserves an equal shot at a better life.