Poetry by Teens – Belgium

Poetry. A generational tool to help us communicate our emotions in ways not commonly utilized. An art form for individuals young and old, on lived situations, figurative or even what has been witnessed: the struggle of others. With that, we received three poems from 13-year-olds participating in CHANGE. The poems come from a school based in Brussels, Belgium. Take a moment with us to reflect on the empathy of these young writers.

Ran away from their home
Expelled because of danger
Frightened by their past
Unaccepted by society
Grateful for the help
Eventually finds a home


Rubber boat
Escaping war
Floating in the sea
Going to my new home
Economic crisis
End of the journey


Refugee is a person
Extraordinary and strong
Fantastic like a dragon
Us, we can’t understand
Germany, Belgium, France
Europe, we can help her, a lot of refugees need the
Exile, Europe, come-on!


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