Put your feet in the shoes of refugees

I am Fr Samuel Grech, youth leader at Għarb parish in Gozo. We had the opportunity to welcome among us Mariosa Caruana from JRS Malta for two sessions with our youth groups. She talked to our students about the reality of refugees and immigration, while pointing out aspects and differences regarding these realities that we don’t always take into account. Also in both sessions, our groups heard the experience of two immigrants one from Nigeria and another one from Iran, who came to our country because of various difficulties in their homelands. These were an opportunity for our youth to appreciate better the realities involved and not be prejudiced against immigrants and refugees. They learned to see in them human beings like us and that they have something nice to offer. Most of all they learned to understand reality by putting their feet in the shoes of others. Finally, these sessions helped our youth to understand better the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for whom we all have the same dignity, regardless of gender, race and religion.