A CHANGE story: Ivo Shimwa

Ivo arrived in Belgium in 2013 from Mozambique. To advocate for the rights of refugees, he became a speaker for JRS’s awareness-raising programme CHANGE. With CHANGE, Ivo visits high schools across Belgium and shares his experience with students, helping to change perspectives on migration and build a more inclusive society.

“I like CHANGE because it puts refugees and teachers in contact with each other. I think that I inspire other people by sharing my story, by the things I accomplish and I do. Young people are the future, and school is one of the first places where you can inspire people. They will be the next politicians, the next judges, if they have a good experience of refugees they will have less judgement. That is what I want to accomplish.”

Ivo was the protagonist of a short documentary created JRS Europe, thanks to the creative support of ESC volunteer Maria, where he shared his experience and vocation.

CHANGE is a project coordinated by JRS Europe and implemented in 9 European countries – Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The goal of the project is to educate young people on the positive contributions of refugees to society and encourage them to act to make a change in their schools and local communities.

For more information about CHANGE or to get involved: jrschange.org