Before I took part in the CHANGE project I was just a guy with a story but scared to tell it

One of our speakers from JRS Malta shared his testimony of CHANGE and the experience of talking about his experience with students.

“I was scared to tell people about my stories because of the wild range of discussion surrounding migrants and refugees around Europe, so I keep my experience to myself as one of the many who took the dangerous journey to Europe from Africa I have always wanted to share my experience with people as my Way of making a difference, I met so many people with different who have different opinions about us, people who sees us differently, which makes it difficult for me to share with anyone but all that changes when I took part in the change group, that opportunity changed my life, it gives me hope, I starting seeing things from a different points of view been able to stand in front of others and sharing my stories with them a story that thousands of others can relate to was everything to me, I can still remember the first day I went on my first school session standing in from of those students I was nervous, scared, worried, my voice shaking, but at the very moment I realized that  the best way to making a difference was to be a part of community , to share with the people and those students are the community, I was asked questions that I have never been asked before, I learned how misleading the media can be concerning the issues of migration, so taking part in the change gave me the opportunity to give the students a first-hand experience of hearing my story from myself which can go a long way creating more awareness,  been able to share my experience with the students and been able to hear their points of view in the issues of migration and other related matters make me understand and appreciate even more the power and the importance of such project, it gives me new ideas on how to deal with people who have different opinions on migration, this project changed my life and continue to do so.”

Testimony from JRS Malta