“All that I felt was the immense appreciation the students had”

Mikiel Cassar, a participant in CHANGE, shares his experience teaching refugees and other people in search of a better life:


The change programme was truly wonderful in every way. It was my first experience working with refugees and yet I felt at ease from the very beginning. I used to teach Maltese and English to individuals many times older than me and yet I never felt uncomfortable. All that I felt was the immense appreciation the students had for the assistance we were providing and the diligence with which they went about conducting their studies. I was always greeted warmly with a “hello friend” and a fist bump or two as they would then all quickly take their seats and meticulously write down everything they possibly could. I always felt supported by the Change team, from the first meeting to the final farewell, and yet a final farewell it was not as after taking part in the program I am more motivated than ever before to keep on doing everything I can to be of service in any way I can.


Mikiel Cassar
Student – Participant