“I cannot imagine moving to a different country and starting a life without my family.”

A few Irish students share their impressions of the CHANGE programme, after meeting a refugee and watching videos about the situations of forced migrant youth:


“Meeting Ghazel and watching a video about Filimon has impacted my life hugely and has made me think about the privileges and safety that I do not have to work for, and receive because of the place I live in.”


“Ghazel’s story about how she could not do her leaving cert and having to wait two more years made me think about my education and how lucky I am to receive one and get many opportunities because of it.”


“Watching the video about Filimon and see how he is in a big city all on his own and how he was separated from his family, has made me think about how grateful I am to have mine. I cannot imagine my life as it is without my family, let alone moving to an entirely different country and starting a life there without them.”


“The opportunity to meet Ghazal and hear her story, as well as watch Filimon’s video has made me be grateful for what I have. I will try not to take it for granted. “