Understanding Change: JRS Europe implements research on awareness-raising education projects about migration

JRS Europe is carrying out research to understand the attitudes of students around the topics of migration and asylum. The findings of this research project, U-CHANGE, will contribute to best practises for education programmes raising awareness and creating more inclusive societies.


Since September 2019, over 2,500 students from nine European countries have taken part in CHANGE, an education programme coordinated by JRS Europe. CHANGE encourages students to think critically about migration through a 6-part classroom curriculum and direct encounters with forced migrants.


U-CHANGE, will collect and analyse data generated during these three years. This research is key to understanding the impact on students’ discourse around refugees, migration and the creation of an inclusive society, and to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the project.


” After listening to the story of S., I particularly reflected on the importance of the life of every human being. I have thought a lot about his trip, and the fact that some people see refugees with contempt makes me think that they have no moral principles. Not out of wickedness but out of ignorance, which is what underlies every injustice in the world.”


ANUSCA PAUL CONSTANTIN – student at high school “Liceo Ascanio Landi”- Velletri, Rome – Italy


Using data, including students’ evaluations before and after CHANGE, the research will use multivariant statistics to assess the relationship between variables and identity factors, critical thinking, civic engagement, and their evolution through the project.


The research will ultimately allow for the understanding of the effectiveness of educational programmes such as CHANGE and produce recommendations for awareness-raising projects in schools. Contributing to best practises in education surrounding migration, the results will be reported in a Study-Guide, which will include tangible methodology guidelines and will be disseminated among schools and organisations.