Listen and share: the added value of the encounter into Change programme


An Irish student shares his feelings and his experience after the encounter with Ghazal and Filimon, two refugees from Syria, now living in Ireland.


Listening to Filimon and Ghazal’s stories really drove home the fact that I live a very privileged life and am extremely lucky to live in the country that I do. Although listening to the stories of refugees helped me realise a few things, it did not change my views on refugees. I have always been sympathetic towards refugees and believe that they should not be refused the right to a place to live on this earth. I feel as though I take a lot of things in my life for granted such as, being able to go to school without the constant fear of being killed, that is the only thing that hearing both Filimon and Ghazal’s stories helped me realise. People living in countries like Syria, are so unprivileged and all they want is to live in peace and safety. People in developed countries couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves.