Self-awareness through an encounter with the other

After meeting Ghazal, a refugee living in Ireland, a student wrote the below reflection and made a promise to herself to work hard.

“Following meeting and listening to Ghazal, and learning about Filimon, I have really taken notice of my privilege. Going home after school the day Ghazal talk to us, describing her struggles about immigrating to Ireland I felt very lucky surrounded by the walls of my safe, warm home. I thought about how I’ve never even had any trouble with getting an education and had never really thought about it before, I know now how much I take everything for granted. But if Ghazal thought me anything it was to study hard and do yourself justice in terms of your education because if you have the privilege don’t waste it.

I want to work harder now, to almost prove to myself I deserve these privileges and opportunities. I don’t want to my time to go to waste. I will try not to forget about Ghazal and Filimon’s struggles, but use their stories as inspiration to keep myself humble and hardworking.”